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Brighter Futures Scholarship Donors

Bridgewater College students

The Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges' Brighter Futures Scholarship Program allows a corporation, foundation or individual to have one or more students at the VFIC's 15 member institutions selected as recipients of their scholarship. To establish a new named scholarship or to ask a question about current scholarships, you may contact the VFIC through our Contact page.

In FY 2017, the VFIC awarded 919 scholarships. These scholarships will provide students with opportunities to further their education at our member colleges and universities. Our hope is that, in the future, even greater numbers of students will benefit through partnerships with these and other supporters of Virginia's independent higher education.

Brighter Futures Scholarships

Signature Scholarship Donors (Named Scholarships of $15,000 or more)

Appalachian Power Company
Bank of America
Dollar Tree Stores
Dominion Resources
Landmark Communications
Luck Companies
Markel Corporation
Norfolk Southern
SunTrust Foundation
Universal Corporation

Affiliate Scholarship Donors (Named Scholarships of $5,000 or more)

Camp FoundationRuth Camp Campbell Foundation
Ted and Laura Lee ChandlerDewberry
Anne and Til HazelThe Middleburg Bank
Moseley ArchitectsNew River Electrical Company
Ann Carter and W.R. Robins, Jr. FoundationNewton B. Shingleton Foundation
Williams Mullen

Endowed Scholarships

Lea BoothBeese and Walter Craigie
T. Justin MooreJohn D. Munford
The Moses D. Nunnally FamilyDonald G. and Barbara Smith
VFIC 50th AnniversaryBob and Charlotte Gammon


LC Grad     Bridgewater    EHC grads

Roanoke College, Class of 2014
Roanoke College
Class of 2014
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Art
Concentration: Marketing

"I was born and raised in Minnesota.  I selected Roanoke College because its Mission Statement spoke to me.  It is a small Liberal arts college whose mission states: “Roanoke College develops students as whole persons and prepares them for responsible lives of learning, service, and leadership by promoting their intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.” ...

Sweet Briar College, Class of 2014

Sweet Briar College
Class of 2014
Major: Biology
(Pre-Med track)
Minors: Chemistry and Math

" .. Participating in rigorous activities that Sweet Briar College has to offer has allowed me to grow into a strong leader who supports the growth of young women in the community.As a student with eighteen credits and a Biology Major on the Pre-med track, minoring in Chemistry and Mathematics, I am passionate about bringing awareness to the public on medical issues within the community."